Edging (English)

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A guest mailed me: “I really think a lot about our previous sessions. It always leaves a big impression. It usually takes me a few days to recover from your efforts with edging me. “

One of my favourite types of play involves playing with orgasms. Edging towards it. Bringing you to a state where my touches on your skin make you burn with desire and where it is almost painful. It is all about me controlling your desire and orgasm. It is about my power and your need.

This type or orgasm control is also called edging, peaking, or surfing. This usually in volves maintaining a high level of arousal for an extended period of time without reaching orgasm. All my actions, whispers and assignments are bringing you to the edge of reason. Where you do not really know if you want to come or not because the look on my face while teasing you, deliberately touching you to make you want more, is priceless.

When you are almost there, I touch your balls lightly and wipe my finger around your sensitive spot. I am exploring your body and your senses. It is my power over your sexual frustration which gets me going. I might start playing with myself because I get turned on. Turned on because of your body, bound and powerless, with a dripping cock. You are helpless to my touch. You are bound by ropes to the bed. You see your own reflection in the mirror, my blonde hair touches your sides. You see me, playing with you and it turns you on.

It turns me on as well. While I pleasure myself, the only thing you can do is watch me. Perhaps I’ll use my right hand to stroke you and my left hand for my own body. I’ll use one finger on you, then two and then more. I’ll use the massage vibrator for men, to feel the vibration getting you closer. I will stop. I will whisper to you all those arousing promises and dangers which might happen. I will fuck your mind but not your body. You will sigh, moan, feel yourself moving against your restraints. To get away from my touch and to get closer to it.

It is your struggle between what feels nice, intense, powerless and my decisions which leads to an explosion, you have never experienced before. That is, if I don’t ruin your orgasm. I adore a ruined orgasm because it puts you in your place, it is a real low when you are working towards the best feeling ever; an orgasm. It is especially nasty because you almost came. As if you take away a birthday present. But I do it, because I like that as well! It may come to a point where you have asked me five times to come and I will not let you. And then, before you imagined, I will get you to the point of no return.

When you finally reach your orgasm it can produce an ultimate pleasurable state. A few times, my guests came three times without touching themselves. Sometimes they almost faint because of the intensity. This is also the moment where I can play with post orgasm torture. For those who trust me, without a safe word.

Can a session like this get any better? Yes! You can do an orgasm edging session with Mistress Manouk and me. Double the pleasure. Great extra company, trust me.

To me, it is a great pleasure of playing with power and your desires which creates my love for edging. So let me touch you, if you dare.