Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Ok

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I’m a big fan of the concept ykinmkbykio – a lot of letters which combined convey an important message. It means ‘Your Kink Is Not My Kink But Your Kink Is Ok’. 

Within the realms of BDSM, kink and fetish there are many different things people like. Some like bondage only and are not into domination at all. Others have a nylon fetish and love worshipping feet. They are not into receiving whipping or pain. If I would get an euro coin for every person who contacts me and tells me they are into kink or have a fetish or like dirty play but don’t want any pain or domination; I would have something like this in my dungeon:

The point is; so many different people and everybody has their own preferences. And they also don’t like things other people care for. You might think; what’s the big deal. Well; there are also plenty of people who disapprove of other peoples kink. For instance; I have slaves who love a golden shower but when they see all the whips and canes I have they call other people crazy for liking that. They don’t understand what’s to love about a red spanked ass. But there is a reason why I have called myself Mistress Lynn Cane. I just adore canes and cane marks. But I don’t judge people for loving or hating it. I do however dislike the way they voice their opinion of things.   


Couldn’t resist adding (for me) arousing pictures of the subject matter. *Cough* It’s research right, ahem. On with things. There are – in my experience – subjects who receive more negative then positive comments. For example; a lot of people like bodyworship. But I hear many negative comments about things like humiliation, hard cock and ball torture themes, toilet slavery (golden showers as well as poop/scat) and fart fetish. 

People tell me in my dungeon – to my face – that they think I’m great but they can’t believe a man wants to be pooped on. But this for example is a slave who just has been pissed on by me. So piss is ok but poop is not. This is interesting because I have also experienced people who want just to be pooped on but think a golden shower is dirty. And are really not amused when there are a few drops on piss on their body next to the big load of shit (which they do want) It’s just an example how some minds work. 

And for me it is; your kink don’t has to be my kink but I respect it. For example: wrestling is not my kink but I respect it when I see other people doing it and loving it. And I’m happy for them. 

When I’m on twitter I regularly post pictures of things I do and love. A picture like the one below; of myself wearing pvc high heel boots and a catsuit gets between 50-80 loves of people:

But another small videoclip of me farting in the face of slave R, (with his permission of course!), which most people consider unfeminine or gross receives far more loves: 155! edit – 159! edit 2 – 170!

So I’m just saying; everybody can have their own opinion. And you would think that more people are into beautiful pictures of a blonde mistress with boots and a catsuit right? Wrong. It is the other way around. 

There are enough people who love dirty things; more then you might guess. And the truth is; your opinion matters. Whether it is a positive or negative comment. But think about how you voice things.

Everybody has the right to voice their opinion the way they want to. You can say a poopfetish is gross or disgusting. Or you can say; I think it is disgusting but I guess other people might like it. Sounds different right?

Of course you can say whatever you want. But this is my blog. 

My way of being negative or positive starts with saying; ‘hey your kink is not my thing but your kink is OK!’ I always hope by communicating like this that people will feel comfortable saying they like things other people don’t. 

It is because of people saying that poop is dirty that people are afraid to tell others that they get aroused or turned on by playing with golden showers or shit. And the truth is; everyday people go to the toilet. It’s not that of a big deal. Until people want to play with it.. And some people love playing with it in a humiliating or sexy way. Well I do! And I don’t care what people think 😉 

More on that later. Keep the kink going.