Mistress Lynn Cane

Define Kink and you will find me in the dictionary. 

Sin, Serve and Play

I am Miss Lynn Cane, a Dutch Lady of divine quality. Few words can capture my being but it is safe to say once we have met I will alter your life.

Since a young age I was interested in many ways to challenge people mentally and physically. This expanded into a fascination and a lifestyle. 

After years of wandering I found a ‘name’ for all my unusual interests when it came to naughtyness and mental games; BDSM and fetish. However I identify as an allroud kinkster with a versatile range of interests. 




Per July 1st its allowed again to do sessions in Holland. Monday July 6th I will be available for sessions in Arnhem at studio  Donna Fiera

This summer my travelling to Antwerp and Paris will resume. Be aware; my rates for sessions at those locations are slightly increased to reflect my traveltime – and expenses. 

On September 1st my Dutch rates will be aligned with my new rates for Antwerp and Paris. 

Emails for sessions on different dates then July 6th can be send to misslynncane@hotmail.com   Please add a date/location/time duration. 



To follow me and become more close with me, you can now join my patreon page or onlyfans and do online training. 



Proudly I can announce that I have reached 11.000 followers on instagram. Please join me there and follow me on my journey.