Mistress Lynn Cane


Sin, Serve and Play

I am Miss Lynn Cane, a Dutch Lady of divine quality. Few words can capture my being but it is safe to say once we have met I will alter your life. As a Dominant extraordinaire I give defined sessions catered to the few who dare to live outside of their comfort zone.

Playing with power and seduction is something which comes naturally to me. Since a young age I was interested in many ways to challenge people mentally and physically. This expanded into a fascination and a lifestyle. 

After years of wandering I found a ‘name’ for all my unusual interests when it came to naughtyness and mental games; BDSM and fetish.

However I identify as an allroud kinkster with a versatile range of interests. There’s more to bdsm then meets the eye; unless you look in my glowing eyes which you’ll find a very addictive thing. 

My passion and love for what I do is contagious; so I warn you; If you let me, I will blow your mind.



Corona virus 

I have decided to follow government instructions and awareness and postpone sessions due to the virus until further notice. I will not do sessions due to safety.

30-3-2020 – News!

I have been asked by several subs how they can support Me. A giftcard is always welcome, send one here or here

My email is misslynncane@hotmail.com 


Alternatively I have a Patreon Page where I share some behind the scenes content, short clips and some pictures which i have not shared on either instagram or twitter. Unlike social media Patreon is not free (but membership starts at 3 dollar).

To those subs who are feeling afraid or worry; All of My subs are welcome to contact me through whatsapp (+31633081751)  if you are in need of a friendly chat.

Skype sessions / clips by order / long distance training

A few have expressed interest in coaching, skype sessions/training from a distance, assignments and more to get their mind in a positive vibe. Contact me to discuss options.

As I also have regular work my availability is limited. 







Copenhagen Trip Report November 2019

Last week I have been on a 6 day trip to Copenhagen. I have written a report on my blog for people to read. Enjoy!  






Cliënten stop

David Bowie heeft ooit een prachtig liedje geschreven die ‘Changes’ heet. Ik heb besloten om ook veranderingen door te voeren en vanaf 14 September geen nieuwe slaven meer aan te nemen.

Als wij elkaar al ontmoet hebben in het verleden dan ben je nog steeds welkom voor het maken van een afspraak. Ik zal dus niet stoppen met sessies geven; wel stop ik met het aannemen van nieuwe slaven.

Er zijn geen uitzonderingen op deze regel mogelijk.