News: Sessions allowed again

Will I see you soon? Read more below or at my updated contactpage.


2021 Clientstop & Corona

Corona is not yet gone, which means even though sessions are possible, now more then ever, it’s important to make an appointment only when you are COVID free or don’t have any health issues. As part of my screening I will ask you about covid related health issues in our pre-session talk or contact. 

Due to Covid I will host sessions at private licensed locations where not a lot of people are and which are well ventilated and up to my high hygiĆ«ne standards. For now I will limit my location to studio Doma in Den Haag and Donna Fiera in Arnhem. 

What about new subs? 

You can email me an introductionary mail with the subject newsub2021. If – at one point in time – I will consider new subs then you will be on top of my waitinglist. All you have to do is reach out and show you are serious and ready to submit. Show me you have read my contactpage and that you have a specific reason to play with me.

Your other option is to book a social meeting (in a discrete location) at my social time rate mentioned in my contact page for a real life introduction.