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Full day of play


Sometimes you are playing in a session and you loose track of time. You are in a flow and you forget about ordinary things. There is an intensity, an energy, which is magic. As a Mistress I really get excited about what I’m doing and I don’t want to stop. Then again there is the reality which sets in when I look at a clock and realize that the session is close to the ending. So for me the best sessions are those in which it is not necessary to look at the time.

Overnight or full day sessions can be anywhere between 8, 12, 24 or 36 hours. Sometimes a whole weekend away with the lovely kinky energy buzzing al day and night long. 

One of my most recent full day sessions was with slave R and  I wanted to share a short overview of how parts of it were like. 

  • Maid training

After ringing the doorbell I welcomed him inside. As is usual for my subs he had to drop to his knees and kiss my feet to welcome Me. For me etiquette and discipline a very important in a submissive, in every way/shape and form. A few months ago I had given slave R a maid outfit as I like to look at my housemaid slave in style. After his shower he changed into his uniform and presented me my tribute gifts. Lovely stockings by agent provocateur and a very nice body by Aubade.

As a nylon and lingerie fetishist I was very pleased and summoned him to kiss my boots. After kissing my boots he had to make me a coffee as for me it is in the little things which are all part of the submission and servitude. He served as my footstool while I was sipping my coffee and gave him instructions as how to behave today. As I had a few surprises in store for him I told him to be on his best behaviour. 

Of course a maid should be put to work. With clear instructions and a time frame he had to clean part of the studio. HygiĆ«ne is one of my things, I really want my playspace to be spotless. If he did not clean perfectly in time he would receive proper punishment later in the session. 


After the cleaning I summoned him to undress. One of my newest toys is a latex inflatable bodybag and after I had put air in the bed I zipped the slave inside. As this bed is not for everyone, you have to trust each other as you can not get out easily, it was a lot of fun to make him helpless. First I teased him and then I blindfolded him. A bit of cock and ball torture was mixed with edging. Then I put the vibrator on and left him alone for a few minutes. I changed from my leather catsuit and thigh high leather boots into a nylon catsuit with a latex corset and high heels. 



Soon I returned and I started with caning him lightly on his cock and balls and playing with some breath control. I left him alone again and after 10 minutes I returned to him moaning because of the vibrator. A few pictures were made and as a grande finale I gave him a golden shower and left him to soak in my fluids.