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Copenhagen trip report

Sometimes it is difficult to express in words what you experience. But the last few days can be described with a simple word; Wow.
After the closing event in August of Mistress No1 her previous studio we found out we have wonderful chemistry in a session. So when she send me preview pictures of her new stunning studio of course I could not resist clearing my schedule to see the place for myself.

Wednesday the 20th November I travelled from Amsterdam to CPH Airport and MistressNo1 picked me up to go and see Domina Ingrid. A very beautiful and friendly Lady. When we arrived she was dressed in a very nice red latex outfit and she was playing with her sub. But then, the studio. I have fallen in love, with not a person but a place.

In all the years I have toured Europe and Asia for sessions I have seen a lot of playspaces; this one is mindblowing. You Danish subs and Domina’s should really visit this location of Mistress because I can tell you it’s absolutely perfection. If you think of something; it is there. It’s the ultimate fantasy coming true. And trust me; I know 😉

The first day consisted of a lot of fun. It was very nice to meet the well trained submissives and servants of Mistress; some I have met before like Elms and some were new. An absolute pleasure to be around them and to try the space while playing. We made some very pictures and clips together while playing with Sejj. Cool clips of that can be seen on twitter



Of course as I love corporal punishment there was also time to give training to kiss my boots and punish with the cane. Sub Ugly took care of us by cooking nice dinner while Mistress and I were having a very good time. I can not express how nice it is that every sub of Mistress services us so well. Also I loved the latex gimp training at the end of the day 🙂

The next day we were on our way with Law to visit the Studio of Domina Dark. Its a very big location and it’s a very promising. We used one of the new rooms and it was well suited for many kinds of play.

As Mistress No1 knows I have a big love for anything latex related. She gifted me a stunning catsuit which matched perfect with my pvc thighhigh boots.

I can tell you all that the subs who visited Esjberg are very kinky. Caning, toiletservitude, cock and ball torture and bootworshipping were several things I have done and it was also nice to see some subs who visited me in Amsterdam, to see there again in their home area. I think it is so cool that I can travel to them and they to me, and that no distance matters. It’s all about the fun!

Mistress No1 and me were a very good team as I’m a morning person 😉 and she likes to play in the evening. So after she showed me a very interesting electro vibrator (I must buy this one!) we played with Law. And then later she put him in a bodybag to spend the night bound, waiting for us. Luckily for him I am an early riser. So the next morning at 8 o clock I woke him with a cheery goodmorning, a naughty smile and I electrocuted his cock and balls for my morning fun.

Later that day I have met Domina Dark; a Lady with amazing presence. Together with Mistress and Hits and Law we went for dinner at the best tapas place I have visited outside of Spain. A lot of nice fun but also quality time. Which improved because before we went out Hits got an electro shocker on his cock and balls. When Mistress gave me the remote controller I concluded that indeed having drinks and cocktails is better when you can shock the slaves. 😀
For sure Esjberg was very nice to visit and I hope I will be able to go there once more next year.

The next morning we drove back to Copenhagen. And I met in the afternoon and evening new slaves who had their first bdsm experience with me. I feel so privileged to play with people and give them their first steps in the kinky world. I can tell you I can feel my arm muscles after hitting so many days, it is like a work out but then better!

Monday the 25th was the last day, but saving the best for last. I can only say I think I had the best of times. Electrocuting ugly, whipping forherpleasure, using a new toilet sub and I had one of my nicest caning sessions in the afternoon and to end my feet were worshipped. What not to love 🙂

To conclude Mistress has gifted me a lovely dragontail whip, of which I commented to her that its hard to find in Holland. She and I are such a great match in sessions together. After all our sessions we did not stop; we trained with the bullwhip. She has one which is so heavy I could almost not lift it, and she so easily cracks it. Her lighter bullwhip was perfect, and Indiana Jones style we practiced. She is the real kinky deal and I’m very happy to have met her.

As a thank you for the stunning times together I invited her for dinner and we have amazing plans waiting for the new year. I invite all the subs who met me to share their experiences if they feel so inclined 🙂 I am thankfull for all warm welcomes and that people have played with me and have taken care of me.

Saying all this though, I think that I will need to return to discipline and train some of the Danish subs up to Dutch standards 😉 If you will let me, I will blow your mind.

Mistress Lynn Cane





David Bowie has a brilliant take on the song changes. I have decided that starting September 14th – just before my holiday break – I will not accept new submissives. I will continue to play with people I have met before.

All applications from now until then (even for dates after October) will still be ok, after that time I will not reply. 

If you still want to serve Me then don’t hesitate to contact Me and make it happen. I want to spend more energy on the connections I have made and value quality relationships. To apply please email Me on 

David Bowie heeft ooit een prachtig liedje geschreven die ‘Changes’ heet. Ik heb besloten om ook veranderingen door te voeren en vanaf 14 September – na mijn vakantie – geen nieuwe slaven meer aan te nemen. Per 1 oktober zal ik alleen nog spelen met fetishisten en slaven die ik al ontmoet heb. Mocht je niet eerder kunnen spelen dan oktober dan zal ik aanvragen die nu nog binnenkomen aannemen en daarna niet meer.

Ik wil mij focussen op de energie die ik krijg uit mooie relaties met mijn subs. Als je mij dus nog wilt dienen voordat ik een cliënten stop toe pas schroom dan niet om mij te benaderen voor een sessie; email naar en stel jezelf netjes voor. 



New pictures.

During my brief holiday to Paris I have added some new pictures to my Gallery. I’m still planning on shooting new content during June or July and will announce on this blog my search for picture submissives when necessary. 

Travelling life

There are a few things which are precious to me. Of one which is travelling and experiencing new parts of the world and the other is discovering espresso bars. What not to love about combining both of my passions?

While exploring the European cities I’m encountering new dungeons and people to play with and I feel very lucky to be able to do so. As every place could potential be a spot to play it brings out the best of my imagination and creativity; one of my best sessions ever has been in a hotel and you might be amazed how many things you can do with some rope, latex and a bottle of champagne.

Recently however I have been not only to stunning hotel rooms but to the Clandestino Bdsm dungeon in Barcelona. One of my lovely subs was going to celebrate his birthday and we decided that this would be a perfect place to do so. After exploring the city together with some tantalizing assignments in between we arrived at the venue and it did not dissapoint.

A very discrete location with some amazing options to play, not one but three different cages, a bondage bed and more special furniture. The concrete floors with the special lighting made it very atmoshperic. All kinky players know; In the right mood with the right people and flow some magic happens.

My overnight session there was spot on and after having a cortado-  in one of the numerous coffee bars which Barcelona has to offer –  I concluded that this trip, among many, was for sure one of my favorite ones.

There is a special quality to all day and overnight sessions where you get in touch on a level and the BDSM adds to the fun.  If you think you have what it takes to be my all day or overnight submissive then its an option to fly me to you for a bdsm break in Europe. More info via my contactpage. 

Besides my trip to Barcelona more recently I have also been to Paris, London and Madrid. With pride I can announce I will be back to the French city of Love and Kink early June.  New trips to the other cities I will consider when booked in advance. 

But before this happens I will visit London in the first week of May and  Copenhagen shortly after. In Copenhagen I will work together with the stunning Mistress No1 and Lady Leslie. Single and double Domination sessions are available for those who appreciate the finer things of life. On the 13th I will join forces with Mistress No1 and on the 14th with Lady Leslie. 

To apply one can fill in the contactform on my website. The question that remains is: where will you serve Me?




Session review human toilet

 (Scat) Session – 14/1



Tour update February 2019 

With pride I can announce that I will travel for sessions to Madrid, Spain, on 19 – 20 February. Special duo sessions will be together with the wonderful Mistress Furia Fuego.  More info can be found on my special Madrid page on my website. As this is the first time I will host sessions there it is a rare opportunity for my Spanish submissives to serve Me in person. 

As I will also be in London from 22-28 February – together with Domina Hessa –  this also means I will be less available for my Dutch subs in the upcoming month. 

After these dates the first option in Holland in March will be Thursday the 8th in Almere by appointment in advance only. 



Speelverslag van schooljongen H.

Met toestemming geplaatst. 

Het zat er aan te komen, maar nu was het een feit. Wegens onhandelbaar gedrag was ik van school en uit huis geplaatst en onder Uw hoede terechtgekomen. U beschikte over een kerker die zich uitstekend voor onderwijsdoeleinden leende. Een ouderwetsche lessenaar, waarin ik plaats mocht nemen en de letters, die U mij aanwees op de kaart voor mij, moest oplezen. Sommige waren van zoveel krullen voorzien dat het niet altijd vlot ging. Ik moest de binnenkant van mijn hand ophouden om enige tikken met een liniaal te ontvangen.

U was bijzonder aantrekkelijk gekleed in een spannend leren jurkje met behoorlijke inkijk. Het kon U niet ontgaan dat mijn blikken die kant uitgingen en liet mij strafregels schrijven: ‘Ik laat mij niet door het decolleté van de Juffrouw afleiden’. Heel makkelijk ging dat niet omdat mijn linkerhand was vastgebonden. U had immers ook gemerkt dat mijn hand nogal eens in mijn broekje verdween. De regels waren dan ook scheef, bovendien ontbrak telkens de punt aan het eind van de zin. Om rechtere regels te krijgen gaf U mij een liniaal. Die moest ik echter in dezelfde hand houden als mijn pen; bovendien had U een dik koord om mijn mond gedaan. Deze maatregelen hadden dan ook een averechts effect.

Weer volgden petsen met de liniaal op mijn handen. U had inmiddels wel gezien dat er straffe maatregelen nodig waren en sloot mij op in een kelder. Ik werd vastgebonden op een stoel en kreeg een kap over mijn hoofd. Om te zorgen dat ik netjes op mijn plaats bleef legde U twee rieten canes over mijn benen die niet op de grond mochten vallen. Zo liet U mij enige tijd afkoelen. Weer terug in de kerker legde U mij op een bank, met mijn voeten in een schavot en mijn armen ver uitgerekt boven mijn hoofd. U was niet vergeten dat ik U wellustig begluurd had en kon nu orde op zaken stellen. U wees op het middendeel van mijn lichaam en vroeg hoe het daar heette: ‘liesstreek’ was het goede antwoord.

Omdat dat uit tien letters bestaat gaf U mij aan beide zijden tien tikken met de rietjes. Daarna volgden enkele klapjes op mijn borst ter hoogte van mijn tepels. U verliet mij weer een tijdje, maar niet nadat U de binnenkant van Uw schoen op mijn gezicht had geplaatst. Die mocht natuurlijk niet op de grond vallen. Dat was ook zonde geweest, ik genoot stilletjes van de heerlijke geur en het zicht in de spiegel boven mij.

De voorkant was nu onder handen genomen, maar de achterkant nog niet. Daarvoor beschikte U over een ander passend bankje. Nu ging het hoofd in een schavot, de billen waren nu vrij voor enkele klappen. 

Niet hard allemaal, variërend in sterkte doch pedagogisch zeer verantwoord. Het aantal klappen hing af van het aantal letters in de woorden die ik op een vel papier moest opschrijven, met gebonden handen en de pen in de mond. Zoals niksnut, zeven letters.

Het was een leerzame dag. Ik ben er van doordrongen dat ik niet in Uw decolleté mag gluren, dat ik een niksnut ben en dat ik volledig aan U ben overgeleverd.

– pupil H. 




April 2019 fotoshoot 

In April 2019 ben ik van plan een fotoshoot te doen gericht op human furniture. Daarvoor zoek ik 3 slaven die bereidwillig zijn om model te staan als lamp/tafel/stoel/koffie slaaf/butler. Bij voorkeur is de shoot op een doordeweekse dag en ben je een dagdeel beschikbaar. 

Van belang is dat je respectvol bent en er geen probleem mee hebt dat de fotograaf en/of andere slaven aanwezig je gezicht zien zonder masker. Uiteraard sta je wel met masker op de foto’s. Verder wil ik elk persoon gelijke kansen geven om mee te kunnen doen; bij gebleken geschiktheid en meer aanmeldingen dan plekken zal ik loten. 

Let op; dit is geen sessie! Er is geen spel.

Om je aan te melden kun je een nette voorstel mail schrijven naar 



Nieuwe foto’s 

Enkele nieuwe korte pervers clips van mij zijn per 21-2-19 exclusief zichtbaar op mijn patreon pagina. Wordt lid om dit te bekijken.  (Uiteraard met toestemming geplaatst). 


1 februari exclusieve duo sessies in Almere

Op vrijdag 1 februari zullen Lady Hessa en ik voor het eerst in lange tijd weer samen duo sessies gaan geven in Nederland. Een uitgelezen kans voor heren die van spannende ervaringen en uitdagingen houden om ons samen te gaan dienen. 

Het tarief voor een uur spel is 350 euro; voor mensen die al bij ons geweest zijn is geen aanbetaling nodig. Mocht je ons nog niet eerder samen gediend hebben dan is wel een aanbetaling nodig. 

Sessies vinden plaats van 11.00-21.00 uur in een modern uitgeruste studio. Voor mensen die gek zijn op exhibitionisme is het mogelijk om (met hoofdkap op) opgesloten te worden in een kooi op een gang waar men tentoongesteld kan worden. Verder heeft de kamer een spanking bok, een sling, een grote jacuzzi voor natte spelletjes en een groot bondage bed. Kortom genoeg mogelijkheden om een spannend spel te spelen.

Aanmelden kan door te mailen naar 

Session report latex body bag 

Last week I have tried out my new latex inflatable bodybag and I have written  a special post about it. I loved it and hope you will all enjoy my writing. Please check it out here

Kinky to do list 2019 

Will be updated and added to regularly

  • giving sessions in Madrid/Milan/Denmark 
  • organizing a weekend away with full femdom servitude with multiple subs, of course subs will sleep in cages or bound.
  • attending wasteland or the kitkat club in Berlin in full latex
  • 48 hours with a sub as full toilet
  • human furniture photoshoot with 2 or 3 submissives
  • getting a sub pierced 
  • interrogation play weekend with bootcamp for slaves 
  • organizing a scat/piss munch or playparty 
  • building my own new toilet box
  • giving forced bi sessions with a Dominant male 
  • making/designing my own latex clothing
  • turning a slave in a latex doll 
  • full forced bi party with two or three other Mistresses 
  • training a slave as my puppy or pony in outdoor location

If you think you might be the person to make one of my things on my bucket list happen, feel free to mail me about it. 

Christmas and New Year availability

Between 23 December – 27 December & 31 December – 1 January I will not give sessions.

However I will be available on the 28th of December in Arnhem. If you want to meet me before the new year arrives please contact me by sending an email to 

Apart from my availability I will post a list this week of things I still want to realise as kinky ‘to do’ list in 2019. 

Also new pictures have been added to my photogallery this week, and a lot more are coming the next few weeks so keep an eye out on my updates on twitter and instagram.

New London dates 2019

From 22 – 28 February I will visit London again for professional sessions. Once more I will be accompanied by Lady Hessa and duo sessions will be on offer as well depending on availability. 

Leather boots 

Last week I finally received my newly ordered leather thigh high boots with blunt spikes on it and a stiletto heel. I’m totally in love with them and they will feature soon in one of my newest phototshoots. For those who’d love to worship them, please let me know in advance so I can bring it to a session. Of course if the worshipping is not up to standard there might be some ballbusting happening.

New latex catsuit

My newest rubber catsuit by libidex has just arrived today. Its a wine red colour with a open black laced back, and I think it looks stunning. Soon, end of November, I will have a new photoshoot and I expect to share new pictures of this amazing outfit. 

I have just returned from my last November trip to London and I can only say it was amazing and can’t wait to return next year. Most propably end of February as I will be too busy with my regular work to travel back sooner. Mistress Hessa will accompany me on my 2019 trip and it’s possible to be kept updated and pre-book sessions by emailing. 

In addition to my newest latex bodybag and my latex catsuit I’m also acquiring new latex outfits for men. I will be specializing myself in rubber and latex sessions with full transformations. More info to come but I can say that 2018 will end with a bang and 2019 will be a more kinkier year then ever!


So my newest addition to my extensive collection of toys is an inflatable bodybag. After my London trip I will get myself acquainted with my new item. It will be perfect for longer sessions in the Doma Studio in The Hague. For all rubber lovers a must to try and experience! Pictures of the bag in action will be taken soon. I expect to start offering sessions with this from December 10th onwards. 

Patreon – Overnight sessions 

Patreon is a special platform where people can create content for a specific group of patreons. Since a few months I’m posting special pictures, behind the scenes material and short video clips on my patreon page. For those who didn’t know yet; in October and November for members only who support me on patreon, there is a special offer for overnight sessions. For those who really want to serve me for longer periods of time this is a major opportunity. 

London November Tour 

Between 8 – 12 November I will give limited sessions in London at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. From the 9th until the last day Lady Hessa will be joining me for double Domme sessions. If you don’t want to miss out on twin like ladies with a very creative kinky mind then it’s best to apply in advance. More information can be found on my special London tour page. 

Last sessions in August 

Wednesday 29, 30 and 31st of August are the last days that I host sessions in The Hague at Studio Doma before I will be on Holiday in September. As my next visit to London will be during the end of September I will be available in Holland again at the beginning of October. 

For those who wish to serve me please note that I give sessions of minimum 2 hour duration only. Please apply to for more information

Kinky boots

What’s so brilliant when you play frequently with people, is that you get to know eachother more and each others preferences. Not only kinkwise but as a person. One of my English subs learned that I really love culture and performances. During my most recent trip to London he took me to see a show on West End called kinky boots.

Conveniently next to the theatre was a really small and old pub where we met to have drinks beforehand. A really fun thing of most pubs in London is that they have a big variety of gin, unlike in Holland where I am already happy when I have more then 5 options to choose from. And his surprise when he saw I was drinking coca cola instead of gin was priceless. 

The show is basically about the son of the owner of a shoe factory – which isn’t doing that well. When the father dies the son has to figure out how to turn the business around. After meeting Lola, a drag queen who is wearing kinky boots, he decides to make a new product. Thighhigh boots fit for men to wear. I had to giggle when the drag queen used a whip to mesmerize the factory ladies and gentlemen. Having done such a thing a few hours before the show just added a layer. 

Apart from the brilliant songs and show, I loved the guys dancing on such high boots. They were proper queens on stage and walked beautifully in them. I actually went to see the show once more, a week later, as it really stuck in my head. Such positive vibes. One of their quotes is about ‘men, woman and people who have yet to make up their mind‘, what they are.

It’s always a thing to realize that there is still a lot of prejudice about what people wear and how they are perceived by other people if they are not mainstream. 

I’m very interested to explore sissification a lot more now. Preferably with turning my slaves into dolls who will perform for me, not Lola’s Angels like in the show but Lynn’s Dirty Angels. It’s interesting to see that a ‘vanilla’ West End show can resonate; from vanilla to kinky and vice versa. 

A must see if you ask me; its playing until January 2019, and as for my subs who will suffer from my inspiration; start rehearsing the routine.