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Session report latex body bag 

Last week I have tried out my new latex inflatable bodybag and I have written  a special post about it. I loved it and hope you will all enjoy my writing. Please check it out here



Kinky to do list 2019 

Will be updated and added to regularly

  • giving sessions in Madrid/Milan/Denmark 
  • organizing a weekend away with full femdom servitude with multiple subs, of course subs will sleep in cages or bound.
  • attending wasteland or the kitkat club in Berlin in full latex
  • 48 hours with a sub as full toilet
  • human furniture photoshoot with 2 or 3 submissives
  • getting a sub pierced 
  • interrogation play weekend with bootcamp for slaves 
  • organizing a scat/piss munch or playparty 
  • building my own new toilet box
  • giving forced bi sessions with a Dominant male 
  • making/designing my own latex clothing
  • turning a slave in a latex doll 
  • full forced bi party with two or three other Mistresses 
  • training a slave as my puppy or pony in outdoor location

If you think you might be the person to make one of my things on my bucket list happen, feel free to mail me about it. 


Christmas and New Year availability

Between 23 December – 27 December & 31 December – 1 January I will not give sessions.

However I will be available on the 28th of December in Arnhem. If you want to meet me before the new year arrives please contact me by sending an email to 

Apart from my availability I will post a list this week of things I still want to realise as kinky ‘to do’ list in 2019. 

Also new pictures have been added to my photogallery this week, and a lot more are coming the next few weeks so keep an eye out on my updates on twitter and instagram.


New London dates 2019

From 22 – 28 February I will visit London again for professional sessions. Once more I will be accompanied by Lady Hessa and duo sessions will be on offer as well depending on availability. 


Leather boots 

Last week I finally received my newly ordered leather thigh high boots with blunt spikes on it and a stiletto heel. I’m totally in love with them and they will feature soon in one of my newest phototshoots. For those who’d love to worship them, please let me know in advance so I can bring it to a session. Of course if the worshipping is not up to standard there might be some ballbusting happening.


New latex catsuit

My newest rubber catsuit by libidex has just arrived today. Its a wine red colour with a open black laced back, and I think it looks stunning. Soon, end of November, I will have a new photoshoot and I expect to share new pictures of this amazing outfit. 

I have just returned from my last November trip to London and I can only say it was amazing and can’t wait to return next year. Most propably end of February as I will be too busy with my regular work to travel back sooner. Mistress Hessa will accompany me on my 2019 trip and it’s possible to be kept updated and pre-book sessions by emailing. 

In addition to my newest latex bodybag and my latex catsuit I’m also acquiring new latex outfits for men. I will be specializing myself in rubber and latex sessions with full transformations. More info to come but I can say that 2018 will end with a bang and 2019 will be a more kinkier year then ever!



So my newest addition to my extensive collection of toys is an inflatable bodybag. After my London trip I will get myself acquainted with my new item. It will be perfect for longer sessions in the Doma Studio in The Hague. For all rubber lovers a must to try and experience! Pictures of the bag in action will be taken soon. I expect to start offering sessions with this from December 10th onwards. 



Patreon – Overnight sessions 

Patreon is a special platform where people can create content for a specific group of patreons. Since a few months I’m posting special pictures, behind the scenes material and short video clips on my patreon page. For those who didn’t know yet; in October and November for members only who support me on patreon, there is a special offer for overnight sessions. For those who really want to serve me for longer periods of time this is a major opportunity. 


London November Tour 

Between 8 – 12 November I will give limited sessions in London at the Hoxton Dungeon Suite. From the 9th until the last day Lady Hessa will be joining me for double Domme sessions. If you don’t want to miss out on twin like ladies with a very creative kinky mind then it’s best to apply in advance. More information can be found on my special London tour page. 

Last sessions in August 

Wednesday 29, 30 and 31st of August are the last days that I host sessions in The Hague at Studio Doma before I will be on Holiday in September. As my next visit to London will be during the end of September I will be available in Holland again at the beginning of October. 

For those who wish to serve me please note that I give sessions of minimum 2 hour duration only. Please apply to for more information


Kinky boots

What’s so brilliant when you play frequently with people, is that you get to know eachother more and each others preferences. Not only kinkwise but as a person. One of my English subs learned that I really love culture and performances. During my most recent trip to London he took me to see a show on West End called kinky boots.

Conveniently next to the theatre was a really small and old pub where we met to have drinks beforehand. A really fun thing of most pubs in London is that they have a big variety of gin, unlike in Holland where I am already happy when I have more then 5 options to choose from. And his surprise when he saw I was drinking coca cola instead of gin was priceless. 

The show is basically about the son of the owner of a shoe factory – which isn’t doing that well. When the father dies the son has to figure out how to turn the business around. After meeting Lola, a drag queen who is wearing kinky boots, he decides to make a new product. Thighhigh boots fit for men to wear. I had to giggle when the drag queen used a whip to mesmerize the factory ladies and gentlemen. Having done such a thing a few hours before the show just added a layer. 

Apart from the brilliant songs and show, I loved the guys dancing on such high boots. They were proper queens on stage and walked beautifully in them. I actually went to see the show once more, a week later, as it really stuck in my head. Such positive vibes. One of their quotes is about ‘men, woman and people who have yet to make up their mind‘, what they are.

It’s always a thing to realize that there is still a lot of prejudice about what people wear and how they are perceived by other people if they are not mainstream. 

I’m very interested to explore sissification a lot more now. Preferably with turning my slaves into dolls who will perform for me, not Lola’s Angels like in the show but Lynn’s Dirty Angels. It’s interesting to see that a ‘vanilla’ West End show can resonate; from vanilla to kinky and vice versa. 

A must see if you ask me; its playing until January 2019, and as for my subs who will suffer from my inspiration; start rehearsing the routine.