Contact & Info

To book an appointment:


Please email or send an elaborate whatsapp message containing at least the following: 

  1. Duration of session time: how long would you like to session.
  2. Dates. Preferably you give me a few options. 
  3. Location and Limits. 

I try to respond within 48 – 72 Hours. If I don’t respond you can politely email me to check up on your initial message.  When you prefer a conversation by phone then we have to schedule a moment that we can both talk discreetly. 

  • Mail:
  • Phone: +31633081751 (whatsapp or signal only)


Currently I will session only at Doma in Den Haag or Donna Fiera in Arnhem. If you prefer another location (luxury apartment or luxury kink), mail me for options.

Extra important: 

  • Book your appointment in advance. It is rare that I offer same day sessions as I have another job and my kinky schedule fills quickly.
  • Sometimes a downpayment is necessary when I have to book a location in advance. Pre-payment is possible in terms of giftvoucher or (international) banktransfer. 

As I offer sessions very limited it is important to know the following:

  • I only play with current trusted clients who I have met before. Email me to see if I still think we are compatible. 
  • I don’t offer sexual acts and will not undress.
  • I don’t offer:  wrestling, extreme medical, permanent body harm, toiletsessions, nothing illegal or irresponsible. Safe and sane consensual play are important to me. Furthermore I don’t allow drugs or smoking in my presence.
  • If you touch me without permission I will stop the session immediately without a refund. 

Tribute sessions: 

  • 1 Hour    |  €250
  • 1,5 Hour | 360 
  • 2 Hours  | 480 
  • 3 Hours  | 700 
  • 4 Hours |  900  
  • 5 Hours | 1100 
  • 1 Hour social time | 150 

Special options:

  • All Day Play | 12.30-20.00 |  €1250 (downpayment 50% required)
  • Social & Play | 2 hours Play & 2 hours social time | Drinks, dinner/lunch, coffee and session time | 650 euro 
  • Dine & Play | 3 Hours play – 2 hours social time | 850 euro 

To spend longer in my presence for a special tribute I have designed the social & play or dine & play options. Sometimes it’s easier to start the session with elaborate time for a cup of coffee and to ease into the play. Or how about wearing a chastity cage during lunch and moving forward to the dungeon to play after a special assignment. The sky is the limit.