About me

I’m Miss Lynn Cane, a lady in my mid 20’s with a very kinky mind and lifestyle. Apart from giving bdsm sessions in Amsterdam, I’m a parttime Masters degree student. Intellect is one of my favorite aphrodisiacs but I also am greatly into kinky perverse sessions. If you want to play with me, be prepared to serve a sensual Mistress and to have a lifetime experience.

With my blonde hair and angelic look, I may appear a innocent student. Underneath the surface I am the real Dirty deal. As a Mistress of seduction, golden showers and scat I’m sure that I am your dirty dream come true.

Why I love dirty games 

In a world where everybody has an opinion and puts in on the internet, there is still a stigma when it comes to perverse games.

It’s – unfortunately – not so easy to tell people you know that you get turned on by things like pee, poop or puke.

When I had my first steps into BDSM 8 years ago, I was intruiged by body fluids and smells. I did wonder why people would let themselves be used as a toilet. But I could not resist trying it anyway. My mind told me I was weird but my body got excited. I did not tell my kinky friends about it because when I tried to talk to them about it they said I was out of my mind.

I tasted my own sweat and pee and marveled at the taste. I let others taste my most personal things. I got turned on by playing with poop and piss. It didn’t matter if it was sensual or human toilet slavery and forced scenarios. I loved everything about it.


Many years later I have a lot of experience and I think it’s a very intimate way of playing. By coming out of the closet, that I like dirty games, many people think I’m gross or repulsive. Some clients are scared to contact me because of my preferences.

I have many people who contact me for a ‘regular’ bdsm session but tell me: “but, I don’t want anything with scat, piss or poop.” I always tell them: nothing happens what you don’t want, I will listen to your boundaries. But, at the same time: I refuse to hide this part of me on my own website. Even if it repulses clients. For me it’s more important that people who are insecure about their toilet fantasies feel welcome on my website as well.

Seeing that a big part of my agenda is filled with toilet appointments, I dare to say that it’s a universal fetish. I’ve had clients from America, India, Australia and every continent at my place for such play.

And if I can make a difference by coming out for my perverse desires, and making the steps for people smaller to deal with their dirty dreams, than I will by making this blog a place for their fantasies.

By me, a normal student, with an extraordinary kinky mind and a love for dirty things.


Real life dirty sessions possible:

  • Single dirty session
  • Duo Dirty session 
  • 12 hours toilet slavery and confinement