Filming dirty clips

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Filming slaves wanted. 

In june and july I want to make new scat or piss clips in Holland and/or London. If you have an exhibitionist side and would like to participate then don’t forget the following requirements:

  • You are a minimum of 21 years of age.
  • You will wear a mask and additional clothing if necessary to remain anonymous. I will provide the mask! 
  • Preferably you have some experience. If not you are openminded! This means I might suggest a roleplay setting (butler, cleaner, boss/secretary) as a setup for the film. 
  • Either you want to do piss, scat or a mix of both. 

Price and tribute

Making clips can be a good memory and experience for you, but it is not free of charge. As clips take a lot of time and effort to make you are required to pay the regular price and tributes. 

Clips with piss (no scat)

200 euro | 1 hour 

300 euro | 1,5 hour

Clip with piss and scat

275 euro | 45 minutes

350 euro | 1 hour 

Clips are usually a few minutes to 15 minutes in length when edited properly but take quite a while to make. Because of this a session needs to be a minimum of 45 minutes. Of course longer is possible. 

Toilet seat and extensive shower facilities available. Filming in Holland on different locations.

If you are interested please include the following information in your application email:

  • availability (weekend/weekdays) 
  • length of session
  • your do’s and dont’s (smearing, eating, forced scenarios)
  • your experience