Latex inflatable bodybag

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One of my most recent acquisitions as a latex lover is a rubber inflatable bodybag. As I’m very much excited to explore that part of my fetish and as I love bondage scenarios it did not take a long time to try it out. For me it is important to master any skills necessary to implement such a bodybag in a professional session.

Hence experimenting this week was on my schedule. Luckily I found somebody I know who happily volunteered to step inside the bag in the Doma SM Suite, in The Hague, where I host a lot of my sessions.

The bodybag consists of two layers. First I let air inside for the lower end and then he was able to get inside for I zipped him. As there is a open spot for his face and his cock/ball area its perfect. There is a possibility to still communicate and there is enough access to bodyparts to really play. 

After he was zipped I let air inside the upper level of the bag. This took a few minutes and he commented he felt the pressure on his body.

Now it was time for some kinky fun. Firstly I build up the anticipation with some light cock and ball torture. Also smothering and spitting were very nice elements to change the vibe and the feeling of being vulnerable to every touch of me.

After a while I started to tap his cock with a fiber cane. Slowly at first but building it up. In between caning I put clamps on his balls so I could pull them out of the way for my cane to have more easy access. As the sub was a real masochist it was nice to search for boundaries. 


As a reward for enduring the pain I teased his cock with a vibrator. Slowly getting him close and edging him. Then I stopped and took my electric gear and started with a sound with the electrics still off. I teased him for a while and then I put the electrics on again. The moans where a mix of pleasure and pain, just as I like it.


Meanwhile I asked him if he would like to orgasm. As he did not hear me properly due to the pressure on his ears he thought I asked how many times. He answered 3. As a result of this I decided to put the vibrator to his cock and have a coffee while he was fighting his urges. I told him he would be lucky if I indeed would allow an orgasm at all. 

Needless to say we played for quite some time and after a lot of more cbt we ended the play.

I think there are lot of interesting things to try for the real rubber lovers; for example extended breathplay, golden showers, gasmasks. Also for those who are into long confinement and being helpless this is the real rubber deal.

Because of the time you need for the session to build and prepare (and clean afterwards) I will only use this bed for longer sessions (minimum 2 hours and preferably longer) and only in the Doma Suite in The Hague.

For sessions of 2 hours with this bodybag the price will be 225 euro per hour. If you are interested to explore this with me, you can always contact me for questions.

Disclaimer: all pictures are taken and posted with permission.