London sessions

Since 2017 I started to visit the English capital for kinky adventures and it was love at first sight. Sometimes alone but mostly accompanied by beautiful Dominant friends I host sessions from a variety of well suited locations. 

As I only give limited sessions a downpayment is mandatory to secure your booking.


8 – 12 December | London | 2019

Email to  to apply and serve. Include your requested date, time, duration, preferences and other relevant information. 


  • £100  p. hour | dinnerdate/drinks/coffee
  • £220 p. hour | regular session
  • £300 p. hour | hardsports
  • £1600 Overnight (20.00-8.00)
  • £2000 All day (10.00-22.00)


How to book a session:

Please state in your enquiry your preferences, boundaries and experience level. Also mention possible dates, durations and any other important information. 

As I bring a suitcase full of lovely garments and personal kinky equipment like breathplay or latex masks, it’s important to tell me in advance your clothing preferences so I can accomodate them.