Kinkster extraordinaire, not your typical lady next door and one of the best kept kinky secrets in Europe.

Kink was my first love and will be my last. I will not write a lot about myself as I rather get to know you in real life. Those who know me can testify that I’m:

  • a limited edition
  • emphatic and trustworthy
  • full of creative ways to help you into bdsm heaven or hell
  • early 30’s with 10 years of professional kink experience
  • Dutch, Dominant and a very Dirty mind
  • A Lady with twinkling eyes

I don’t follow scenario’s unless it’s a roleplay we have both agreed on. I’m at my best when I just take your limits into consideration and you give all control about the session up to me.

Bondage, metal restraints/straitjackets, bodybags, cuffs, gags, neck corsets. If I can make you tight, helpless and available to my touch and wicked mind then I’m all for it.

Latex is shiny, a second skin and a tantalizing feel. I love to share my joy with you when I wear this. The transformation when wearing fetish outfits is thrilling. Leather boots, a corset. I’m still the same person but it sets the tone. I turn on the switch and I change in miliseconds from a friendly woman to a superior Femdom Lady.

Sensuality and a true passion for the versality of kinky combinations are the mixture for an amazing session. BDSM is a mental and physcial game where I search for a true connection. I want to play mindgames with you and hurt you. I love to ‘touch’ you without using my hands, I will use my mind instead. I will make you want to go the extra mile. To offer your body and soul.

I don’t identify as just a Domina or Mistress. Feetfetishists, latex lovers, the true submissive gentleman with a pendant for cbt or caning. They are all part of my close harem. What they have in common?


To see me laugh, wink, get you as happy as me. Get you on kinky cloud nine. To extend your boundaries.

It’s all up to you and Me. You follow me on this journey together. That’s it. That’s all you need to know.