It has been some time ago that I blogged and during this most recent lockdown I have been contemplating about the first 2 months that the brandnew playroom in Amsterdam has been tried out. And I loved it. The cleanliness, the quietness, an espresso machine, the close access to superb restaurants make it a perfect location for social and play meetings. Feedback from subs is that it is so modern, well lighted and a great atmosphere. You loose your sense of time and to me that makes it a perfect spot to host my encouters. I can not wait to see more subs from London, Paris or Denmark visit as Schiphol is so close. Mes enclaves tu me manques.

If the newest corona variant can take a holiday then post lockdown (hopefully 14.01.2022) I can invite all my foreign subs who I am missing hopefully soon.

Is it all perfect? Sizewise, it is not the most spaceous room ever. But Napoleon would say size does not always matter, and he accomplished a lot. I agree in the sense that it is True but versatilty matters more. This space is well catered to a lot of different kinds of kinky fun. Trust me, it is so nice to be there. But more importanty let us not forget that Amsterdam finally has a kinky room again! As it should. The more the merrier. We need more bdsm in Holland, especially in the Capital.

Here are a few pictures of this modern studio with lots of bondage elements. From a movable cage with pillory options, a spreadchair with steel bars and a stylist framed bdsm bed, it is all catered to my love for bound subs.

Of course my preferred furniture remains my servant.

The best thing about trying out are all the ideas which come to you in the process. My newest fetish is bondage with steel chains. I can tell you all already that an extra bondage object is coming based on this. Kink to me is ever evolving and I am sure this will be a great development for the room as well.

More blogs coming soon 🖤